Friday, August 19, 2011

Here goes Nothing ;)

 It's been years since I last blogged...Not sure where I should even begin. Do I start with the "pain" that I've experienced since my blogging days came to an abrupt end...and ruin other's blogging mood..With the Woe it's me assumptions...Or do I start with the many blessings and wait as fellow bloggers sit back, hate and pray for my down fall...A life full of decisions..with a mind that is always working..Ha A Gift & A Curse..I say...But at the end of the day..It ALL belongs to me...My pain, My blessings, My Mind....And now once again..My Blogs...Welcome 2 My World....


  1. Blogging for me is a great outlet for stress; and since I'm always stressed, its a great thing indeed.

  2. I agree Reggie..I'm going to get back to it..Today is the 1st day of Progress and A New Start for me ;)

  3. Ditto Reggie its one of my biggest stress relievers(forgot to add that to your blog post Reggie). Sis just do you and fuck the rest, you've got a talent that needs to be shared but more importantly it shouldn't be caged in. Let that shit out and just go with it.